Our love story- Klaudia Budner (feat. StudioDlaCiebie.pl) (Unplugged Version) Dodano: 2016-02-10 09:36:35 | Popularność: 0
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Opis: Przedstawiam Wam moją pierwszą autorską piosenkę! :D To dla mnie ogromny krok do przodu i wielkie osiągnięcie, spełniło się moje marzenie i mam nadzieję, że na jednym się nie skończy : ) Zapraszam na mój profil na facebooku: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Klaudia-Budner/235410773224385 Wielkie podziękowania dla opolskiego studia za współpracę oraz za wykonanie aranżacji : ) http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Studio-Nagra%C5%84-Studio-Dla-Ciebie/221019917984182 This is my firs oryginal song! I am so excited! :D This is a huge step to make my dreams come true and a big success for me, I hope that not the last one : ) ps. Please let me know if there is something wrong in the words of my song, I am not sure about my English ; ) THANK YOU for support, listening, all comments, for everything! :D "Our Love story" - 24.01.2012 1. From the day when I met you I try to keep everything that is between "You and I" changed to "Us". Folder with your name is always full of messages from you I'll save them all... But there is something You should know.. chorus. I want You to write on blank pages in the book of my life I want to be Your muse, Your inspiration It will be the most beautiful love love .. Create our future like in a fairy tale It will be the most beautiful love, love... 2.When You call me Your angel I love the way You smile how You kiss me after waking up and when You go to sleep All the memories, everything You say to me I will save it all and there is something You should know... chorus. I want You to write on blank pages in the book of my life... We're gonna live in a fairy tale walking in our wonderland spend our time creating love story with happy ending... chorus. I want You to write on blank pages in the book of my life... love story, love story, love story, love... Dziękuję M ;*
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